Sunday, October 4, 2015

Imaginative Play, Reimagined

Our process begins with a big ole mug of coffee and a pencil. After sketching new designs we develop patterns and calculate the cost of the product. If we can make the product without having to charge our customers a lot of money we move forward. We spend a considerable amount of time choosing the softest, trendiest, and overall cutest fabrics. Aleks washes, irons, and cuts the fabrics in her home studio. While jamming out to everything from Journey to Johhny Swim, she sews the patterns together to create a "shell". The shells are fluffed and stuffed with high quality fill by Brad, and a chopstick. Each product gets a thorough overlook and examination before being listed or sent on it's way. We adore custom orders, and the process is essentially the same with the exception that we use whatever fabrics and patterns the customers want.